My First Oral Encounter  

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2/3/2006 8:36 pm

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My First Oral Encounter

My friends and I were hanging out and somehow we started talking about the first time we received oral. So i decided to post my first experience.

I was 16 she was 17. It was a slightly warm winter night (I'm in california) and we were hanging out outside of her house. We were talking for hours about anything and everything. Then we got into talking about sex. She told me she had never given a guy a blowjob and i told her i've never received it either. So she propostioned me saying she would like to try it on me. Of course i said yes. Her parents weren't home so we went to her room. She was so sexy kissing me while working her way down to my penis. She started licking up the shaft of my penis and deep throated when she reached the head. She was doing everything REALLY good, then all of a sudden, i felt her teeth bite into me like a sexy bite on the nipple. I wasnt too into that. A while passed then came the cum. She told me to cum all over her face, but i'm not into that so i just went in her mouth.
Looking back on it she was REALLY good at it. Better than anyone thats done it since then. Anyway, she moved and i never saw her again. Luckily we hooked up b4 she left.

Anyone else want to share their first oral experience.

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