My Reasons....  

mewisemagic3 50M
2/5/2006 9:47 am
My Reasons....

If you had asked me 5 years ago if I would consider cheating on my wife of 10 years I would have said "never". We had a child, a nice house and a comfortable suburban lifestyle. Our sex life was already deteriorating but I considered it just a rut we were in due to our jobs and other responsibilities. Then she decided she wanted another child (biological clock ticking or something I don't really know why) and we were hot and heavy again for a while like we were years before. It was great but short lived and after my son was born we pretty much nose-dived. We became basically strangers living in the same house tied together for the sake of our kids and an unwillingness, at least on her part, to admit there is a problem. After trying for a couple years to rekindle I have given up too. I don't want to leave my kids I just want what every else on here wants, a little human touch. I am too young to become a no-sexlife couch potato and I am too old to wait for her any longer. The reason I posted this (seems very self serving I guess) is to let people know that not every married man on here is just looking bang as many women as he can, (many are I suppose)some are trying to do the right thing but need to feel some passion and butterflies too even if its just once in a while.

LilSexyVixen 53F

3/29/2006 9:50 am

You are like too many others unfortunately who have fallen into that rut within a marriage and are incapable of finding the way out. I was once in that same position and I too had tried anything and everything imaginable to change the downward spiral. However after 7 years of trying and no reciprocation from my "ex" I finally came to the conclusion that things would never be the way they once were nor the way I want or long for them to be. I figured I am young enough to find someone who can, will and wants to be that special person in my life and me be theirs in return.

I give you alot of credit for trying to keep your family intact, I tried for 7 years too. But one day, one of my children (who were only 5 at that time), asked me why Daddy and I do not love each other. Well that was it for me, I was a product of a very miserable family life when I was growing up and I swore to myself if I ever had children I wouldnt do to them what I experienced. Besides the fact that what sort of example was being set for a child who was that young but also that smart to figure out that the relationship between their parents was a loveless one.

I am not suggesting you should leave your family, that is definitely a personal choice. Just thought I would share my experience with someone who seems to be in the same position which I was in (which by the way is such a difficult and unhappy place to be). I truly empathize with you and I think you are a good person for trying to keep your family together, if you ever want to talk please drop me a line here and we can connect offline somehow. Hugs to you hun!!!

mewisemagic3 replies on 3/30/2006 3:49 am:
Thanks for the kind words! I tried to email you but you seem to be blocking me for some reason.

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