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11/6/2005 2:20 am

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log's first entry

im adam.

i wrote a cool song on my guitar the other day. i made a beat in reason and jammed to it. i didnt record it, because i dont have a good set up for that, but every time i play its progress. im self taught, aka not taught.

im an animation student, so i draw. and i play some guitar, and some mandolin. but im an indoor kid, and always have been. i love the outdoors, dont get me wrong, but im much more likely to become fond of girls i am around alot than to, say, pick up chicks at bars. in fact i dont go to bars. if i could get a drummer, which hopefully is in the works this minute, then maybe we could get our shit together and play in bars. then i bet i'd get chicks.

but i really only need one chick. at ninteen, still virgin, i may hold a naive opinion. maybe once my tongue is wetted, ill not be sated for all the wine in the yard.

who could really know? guess ill have to find out.

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