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11/5/2005 3:18 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


... a safe place to write my messy thoughts. Its saturday morning and my husband is at work. We fucked hard before he left and he let his cum run down my slit. However, as I was a little dazed as I awoke licking and sucking his stunning dick I didn't let myself cum. And I haven't yet 3 hours later.

I wont let myself come yet - a game I've played since I was 6 years old rubbing my white soft pussy on a quilt then stopping. I knew then that it was tricky but felt good when at last the feelings came.

AT 12/13 I started putting my fingers on my wetness and loving the feeling of growing hot and sticky. I used to flick with my middle finger as my others held open the slit.

Later I knew what I was doing. I would watch the changes in my cunt over a mirror amazed at how turned on I was at my own tits. As my nipples grew I was able to pull them up to my libs and suck them.

At around 18 I bought a book with many fantasies and edcriptions. I enjoyed the women - fingering themselves, humping and screaming as they came. I would read and stop myself from masturbating. I was amazed at what happened to my body: My pussy would grow untill it touched the mattress and made the crack sticky. At first I lasted only 10 minutes before I through down the book at lunged into my cunt often scratching and biting my tits that had grown hard.

Now I am able to see what happens after two or three ours of waiting. I sweat and shake and find it diffficult to type or speak. My pussy, without my noticing, thrusts forward, desperate to rub on somthing to help it cum. I've waited three hours this morning, watching free porn samples, and can feel the dripping into the seat. I've texted my husband and he's at work deperate for me to help myself. I think he wishes he could put his big soft fingers into the hot pussy.

Its time.
I'm goint to squat on the floor of the bathroom as I know it will be wet. I will cup my hand undermeath my and rub. Then I will search for dick like objects and fuck myself not careing about how rough I am. I deserve to come hard. I have waited a long time.

I just touched my pussy....
I'm now naked and licking my tits... must go

five4321go 45M

11/5/2005 9:49 am

Yummy... you have me dripping pre-cum...

mr_funky3 48M
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3/30/2006 11:14 am

wow, that was a great , look forward to reading more !!!!!!!!!

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