Soon to be Empty Nest...YEAH!!!  

mesameli 62F
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6/28/2006 6:18 am

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7/4/2006 11:35 am

Soon to be Empty Nest...YEAH!!!

Within 2 weeks my youngest will be moving closer to his job in Casa Grande. That means I will soon be alone until my other son comes home from Iraq. 5 months of no children to clean up after, no more babysitting...just peace and quiet! I just spoke with him on chat and he's informed me that he will be signing up for Border Duty when he gets home. He's asked me to start looking for houses down that way. So unless I meet someone up this way very soon, I will be taking him up on his offer to move down that way with him. I don't mind living with just him, he and I get along great, he's totally understanding with my lifestyle choices and doesn't mind me wanting to go out. The only thing is I have looked forward to the day when I could be alone or at least living with someone I could share more than just living quarters. So I will be doing alot of searching my heart and thinking. An empty nest really sounds awesome right now...and I am getting excited to be able to finally say to someone come on over...and stay the night....WIDE Grin here! So for the next 5 months I will be testing the waters...ALOT! I hope I will have lots of help!
Well I stayed up all night to be able to chat with him, now I am going to get some sleep, am taking my Grand Daughter Ghost town hunting later if it doesn't rain or anything.
Til Later!

ErosArriving06 54M

7/4/2006 1:37 am

Well Meli.. if Im lucky... Maybe.. just maybe I might be one of those people you invite over for a diet pepsi.. xo David

Always glad to hear you are well..

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