Life, Death, Birth and growing old!  

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9/8/2006 3:07 pm

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Life, Death, Birth and growing old!

In a little over 2 weeks I will be traveling to Virginia Beach, VA to stay with my daughter while she has her baby. I will be gone about a month and probably won't be looking in here very much. So if anyone really wants to contact me they either have to do it now through here or just wait until I get back home.

Last month I got the call everyone that has elderly parents dread, My Dad in Seattle was dying. I made some calls and drove up there to be with him on his last days. I was able to hold his hand as he passed over to the other side. What a loving and special experience that was for me. After the tradgedy of losing my husband and son 13 years ago, seeing someone I dearly loved pass with all his loved ones surrounding his bed and wishing him a good journey was truly the best way to go. I only hope that I can be so lucky!

My mother and father seperated before I was born. I saw him maybe 10 times throughout my life that I can remember and kept in contact with him more so towards the end then at the beginning. Something I now regret. I didn't know that much about him, except for what my angry Mother had told me, and the little bits and pieces I was able to get out of him when I spoke with him on the phone etc. What I discovered while I sat there talking to my younger brothers and sister at his death bed as they told me about his life that I missed, was he was an extrordinary man. He served our country in WW2 as a marine, then when his time was up he rejoined in the Army served 2 years there and then switched over to the Air Force where he became a pilot and retired as a Major. He then worked for a company that flew supplies in and out of Viet Nam during that crisis over there. When he finally couldn't fly anymore due to a serious ear infection that caused hearing loss. He came home and Settled down in Seattle learned the trade of welding and worked for Boeing until he was injured and wasn't able to work anymore. He loved the outdoors and was an experienced camper/ourdoorsman. He also was a shortwave radio enthusiast and helped many times when people were lost in the Cascade Mountains. He knew all the best camping spots and even the rangers would contact him for good places to camp out. After my Mother and Father divorced when I was very small. He met my Step mother and they had 3 children. I was always told how rotten he was, but knowing my mothers side of the family I could understand why they seperated. Back then things were strict and my Grandmother controlled my Mother much like she controlled the rest of the family. So while my Dad was in the Air force Stationed over seas she(Grandmother) talked my Mom into the seperation. I grew up without him in my life because of that. No, I'm not bitter, it just teaches me to NOT do it to my children.
For years I had an empty hole in my heart and now because I was able to make ammends and have closure before he died. I now feel at peace. I've gained alot of wisdom and the admiration/love of my younger siblings. Something I will treasure and make sure I keep in touch with them, from now on.

So as one member of my family passes on another is going to be born. Like they say life does go on.

In a couple of months I will be turning 52, but since losing all this weight I am feeling much younger. I have had the opportunity to have some fun since I have lost the 225 lbs and WOW what a difference it made...Growing old has it's advantages, I am much more experienced than I was 38 years ago when I became sexually active. I truly know how to please a man in ways that will have him coming back for more. I also know how to make the most of it for myself and have trained my body to enjoy it more. With the right touch and stimulation I can squirt...and have soaked many a mattress...LOL. But because age and of not having any more inside plumbing I tend to get dry quickly so I do need lots of stimulation...! Age has both advantages and disadvantages...but it should never stop anyone from enjoying sex. I adore it...but because of my weightloss I have had many men see the extra skin hanging and not want anything to do with me...hey listen up isn't the skin that makes you feel good..its the person inside that will do whatever it takes to make you long as you make me feel like I am worth it to you. AND I can tell when a guy can't see beyond his own dick and pleasure...wisdom like that too comes with age! So be careful how you treat this lady if you want more from me...any lady for that matter...LOL!!!!
Anyway I have some work to do...will try to write once more before I go back east!
Til Later!

PS How do you like the recent photo of me?

rm_slim4758 58M
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9/9/2006 11:55 pm

I love the recent photo but wish it showed a little more. I am so sorry about your dad, but attending the birth of your grandbaby should be exciting for you.
You should be proud of your accomplishment. I sure it took alot of effort to lose all of that weight. If the guys that have shyed away because of some hanging skin cannot see the person inside, then it their loss.
I think it would be a pleasure to meet someone as beautiful as yourself and just wish I lived in the city so that I might have the opportunity.
Have a great trip to VA. Hope to at least have the chance to correspond when you get back.

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