How ?  

merlion45 50F
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8/20/2006 4:00 pm

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8/27/2006 8:39 pm

How ?

How can you allow someone you like give there love away,
when you try to tell them you like them but don't have the right words to say,
even though he's your brother best friend and you feel like a mess,
you talked for a while and you also put him up to the test,
He's a very respectful guy,
that you adore and also like,
but still you just met this wonderful person,
but you can't have him and deep inside its hurting,
and sometimes he gives you signs and to let you know he's attached,
but your to scared inside to ask,
he's very smart in nice,
he's not the thuggish type that likes to rock ice,
he's very cute and also polite,
and he's not the type who likes to argue and fight,
so instead of letting your love out,
you write about him and tell the world what he's all about,
and instead of telling him your scared in alone,
instead you just right him this poem.

96287102ismy 54M
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8/21/2006 1:52 am

Hope i can mend yr heart soon okay be patient my lovely woman

merlion45 50F

8/21/2006 4:06 pm

mercy boucoup dear, speechless!

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