Hard to Let Go !!  

merlion45 50F
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8/13/2006 3:30 pm
Hard to Let Go !!

all the good things that happened in the past and that will never come bask again
it hurts
i dont know what to do to forget
i always long for those times when i was in my past with a special friend… every song, every movie, the twilight, the soft breeze in the evening
everything brings back memories that ll never come back again
i dont know
may be im … i dont know but it seems that i just cant let go
i dont know how to do so
i cling on to ppl who no longer exist in my life
i yearn … i suffer because they r not here anymore but i cant let go
what should i do
if u have ever been there
pls pls tell me waht to do
is it normal
will i ever be able to put the past behind my back and look forwards to the future
it always seems that the good days r there in the past n ll never come back again
it seems that no happy moments r coming,,,
enough with my bla bla bla
sry to have given u a headache i was just venting i guess

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