young guys .... older woman  

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5/8/2006 6:27 am

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young guys .... older woman

OH have i seen some funny things lately! I have had a number of young guys try to chat and I say sorry u r too young. They want me to do this, do that. God there is a lot to be said for older men!IN their 40's not 20's
For instance their approach may include
"Hey babe ya wanna a fuck me " well actually no I dont but thanks for the offer! Oh and I love yr style!- NOT

OR "hey PLZE talk to me I am desperate! I get no one!"
I reply "Well thats a surprise I wonder why that" is followed by
"I'll do anything !! let me eat yr shit"I lol try to type" OH PLZE get up off yr knees Your a virgin aren't you?"
He comes back with How do you know?
Well only a 31 yo virgin would say it- A dead give away/B]

So I spend the next 40 minutes sorting out his approach to woman- My online Coaching service! but It has happened a number of times.I definately think there is a business opportunity here!!lol

So ladies please help these guys out and set them straight because our young sisters are in for a hell of a time LOL! NO wonder they all say they want older men!!

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