well sex sex and more sex..... but who is it I have been asked  

meresu 56F
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6/12/2006 9:10 am

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7/27/2006 6:09 am

well sex sex and more sex..... but who is it I have been asked

Well its a story about a beautiful man 20 or so years ago when I stupidly thought boys and girls could be best friends and boys didn't want sex with every female.

There was a great guy that everyone loved. His name was Michael and he and I were like brother and sister so I thought. I knew his family .. I knew his gf .. I knew everything because we were best friends or so I thought!
You see we got into the moment and it was unstoppable but it ruined the friendship
The Game was over!
But then I thought a lot of other males who were my friends were just that too. But they would do things like say "I am in love with you" my reply (ouch)OH cut it out what you go and do that for!
another wanted me to be the partner at his brothers wedding and proposed. I said "get up your wrecking a good friendship"( ouch)

Ahh what u do.. so thats what this little tribute is about.
and would u believe I just saw one of the suitors online 28 years later. I will catch up with him one day !!! on here!!

waldstille2 59M

6/14/2006 3:20 am

It depends on how sexually attractive a woman is – you obviously are very attractive. A not so attractive woman will not have difficulty being "just friends"; but she herself may well find that she wished some of those friends would want more.

Sexual attraction is something that is superimposed on any kind of other relationship. The trick is often to get it together with the rest. The better you can integrate everything, the more the relationship tends to last. But that is not always easy.

Certain attractive women – you are a perfect example – are naive because they themselves are not hard up, and sometimes also because they don't have a intense sex-drive. If they don't need sex from a man, why should he need it from them?

Also in most cases (not all), men get more of an ego boost from getting sex. They are socially programmed to, and it also corresponds to their instincts (spread their seed as far and wide as they can).

Does sex or the desire for sex necessarily RUIN a friendship? It easily might, but it doesn't absolutely have to if you don't let it. Of course if you think it has to, then it will.

meresu 56F

6/14/2006 4:15 am

oh so true the naivity is spot on..... Even during my career I never realised it. I have had lots of male colleagues and they were just that but then they'd hit on me . Half the time I didn't know and just as well. I am me and that's that. My girlfriend laughs at me now and says 3 years ago I would run away when people starting discussing sex... husbands now I accelerated to my MAsters!
TY for your comment

meresu 56F

6/16/2006 12:32 am

Ph yes I think it can be done. I do it all the time! But men, and no darling you are testimony to that, not all men think women and men can be friends nor do they want to be friends.

fact that things are never the same, you can't share what you used to before? is the killer. The man may think it is the door opening and just doesn't get it is the door closing!

Lovers are special- they are friends as well as pleasurers.
Friends aren't pleasurers! and for those that say that u dont have to be friend to be lover I dispute that as that then is only sex!

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