travels and sex!  

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6/2/2006 8:00 am

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travels and sex!

I think back to my days in the tropics when I lived in a tropical paradise!
How life was an adventure!
Put me in a bucket of water and I would have grown another Foot!
Going to the local super market and checking out aisle 3 and seeing the expat couples walking to each other and one husband and wife were lovers . Evryone knew but the real partners!

Going to a town where the expats had a progressive dinner and the final cause was wife swapping with coffee and port! NO wonder they wanted us to join the dinner! We were young 30 yo woman - New talent!! We were shocked !

Driving through a tribal war with locals with marchetes and spears paused and then a chearful wave "Appiniun master and Missess belong Master," Hubby would laugh see I own You! I wonder how many pigs I could sell your for!( Bastard still laughs)

Buying my son back everytime I went shopping as the would pretend they saved him from being stolen .. Used to cost me a a few dollars each week!

Treking the jungle where we found the smoked bodies! The tribe would smoke the body over the cooking pot but unfortunatley the body fluids would fall into the pot ... and they would eat it. We trekked hours we could see the bodies perched up on the cliffs over looking the valley. The ancestors protecting the valley from other tribes. Our temples were pounding . I had stopped perspiring I was not perspiring water it had to be blood because there wasn't a drop of water left in me. It was so hot and humid.

We got to the smoked bodies ,8 of them and there was a child. Her scull had been cracked . Mum had died so they killed the baby as it was bad omen to raise some one elses child.

Then out to the islands where sex was not for procreation but for FUN- yes I can agree with that. Novel approach! But at Yam festival time look out guys Woman attack the men. Its free range sex!
Men literally hide.If a woman sees a man she can him . One poor little sixteen yo man hid under the bed for a week. He had too many girls after him. Married woman can partake if hubby approves, but if he doesn't and she does partake ,look out!
The missionaries went there to stop this practice in the 20thC but most never came back from their posts. They would relay the island needed further study!
Strangely there was a runway there which the US airforce layed out in WWII. Gosh nothing to do with the local party tricks! The whole culture revolves around sex! fascinating approach
don't you think.
The missionaries tried to introduce games like cricket and tug o war to take their mind off sex. But these became tools for sex. The dances for these games now end in sex after rubbing of groins and girating of pelvises.

What an adventure!

waldstille2 59M

6/14/2006 3:57 am

Where is this place??!!

meresu 56F

6/14/2006 4:19 am

ahhhhhhhh in the south pacific Papua New Guinea!

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