the journey of someone special  

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5/5/2006 6:59 pm

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the journey of someone special

Theres always someone special that crosses your path,
Sometimes you don't realise that they are special until they have finished their journey,
They thought you were special but you thought of them as friends,
Then when u realise that special person is special they think of you as a friend!
The special person weaves a pathway to your heart and is safely locked in there.
Just a tiny piece is there for him and only him!
In the schema of life there are lots of travellers who enter our lives!

Many keep flowing through on the journey-
Some stop for a rest and then move on
Others stay and remain a beautiful part of the landscape-

whilst there is always some special person who stops,
but moves on.

I have one of those! My special sexy friend!

For you my friend from the north!

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