crazy things u have done for sex!  

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6/2/2006 7:18 am

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crazy things u have done for sex!

Well what have you done that is crazy to get some sex!

I have phone sex in my office with people waiting for a meeting held up outside. Best orgasm able to move my pelvis back and forth without touching my clit with my hands to orgasm- CAlled self service by the partner at the time ( one benefit since i had a cracked pelvis ) Stood up composed myself and walked out!Such a rush! Smiled and said ....Sorry for the delay ...on a teleconference call!!! Always think about it when I call London

Know of a lover always took a new car from a sales car lot at night to have sex in it to christen the car before it was sold !! lol

There has been occasion to recall of an incident when i was leaning up against a car and sex was underway inside. The couple got right off on it. Thanked me afterwards as they thought it was great there was nothing between us but a car door! When I went to move they asked me to come back!! I was looking after some one being violently ill at the time....NO NOt me!!

Crazy person jumping in a car at midnight... taking over an hours drive,having sex in the car no more than 40 minutes and then driving back all because they wanted to touch them! home by 3.30am no one none the wiser!!

So what have you done tell me I might copy!! with permission

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