The ph fuck became a real fuck!  

meresu 56F
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4/26/2006 4:13 am
The ph fuck became a real fuck!

Well we met on a beautiful sunshine filled day. We went for a walk in the sun in the park.Our hands touched and it was instant. The turn on was enormous.OH god we kissed it was electric. He pulled me towards him. I could feel his hard on against me. He was enormous and hard and I loved it.
I could sense my nipples becoming hard. We looked at each other and knew we would be fucking as soon as we could find a nice place to.
We walked on and stopped and he placed his hand on my breast and took my nipple and sucked it. OH please it was so arousing. I wanted sex with him!
We could n't wait . NO one was around so we moved towards the trees!
HE wasted no time kissing my mouth, my nipples and my pussy.OH Lord he sucked my clit and I came!!!HE loved it.
He started to fuck me slowly and then so fast we both came .The sun was over us the birds singing and we were fucking.It was beautiful semi naked in the national park with full the sunshine fucking hard.
We lay looking at each other. We got up and before we knew we were aroused and wanted to fuck again. We found a spot secluded less than 50 metres( thats how long we lasted)
I rubbed his cock on my clit masturbating to a wet sticky climax. It turned him on so much he wanted to doggie me
But we had only just met! oh fuck it yes
Doggie me! he did. Fantastic Brilliant
We then kissed,We walked to the car hugged and drove off
I will be back! Never have I had such pleasure, No faking! No pretense! No dissapointment!
Fun and Sex =Good hard Fucking !

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