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7/27/2006 5:51 am

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I want to say hello to a few gorgeous men I have in my escape world at the moment...
There is a lovely gentleman who is so sweet and gentle. He is always so polite and caring and really straight .... I think he is cute. I enjoy him..very much. you r so straight LOL U R

then there's my wild sexy cyber buddy who cams and cams.... I call him the Prince of cam. We laugh so much I enjoy him!.. very much. He who sends such raunchy texts...He's a show pony and loves it

then I have my pal who sends great pics of his weekend activities ...I was so shocked ... I thought he was an ex altar boy ... naughty you.. you are such a bad boy... I m such a good girl

I can't forget my midnight chat man who graces my presence with such aplomb ..such a web imean cam ..i mean oh my god.. how big are you? I think he a sweet man too... such a beautiful body... I love his mind really !!

Of course I can't forget my friend with a broken heart .. he needs some TLC. He is a heart on his sleeve man..

So too my buddy who turns up every so often and gives me a smile a cuddle a mmmmmmmmmm... hes so good!........

Then there's a man who just came to m y world who could be lots of fun and lots of fun and lots of fun mmmmm could be... will I ever know?

hey its just nice to have some fun people who are sweet and caring and who laugh and smile and who cares if i never know ... as long as ther are some nice people here

I am very lucky!!

meresu 56F

7/27/2006 7:41 am

oh how do you know I am rferring to you sweetie ? whatdid u get up to on the weekend?? Are you going to show and tell too! HEY and come on tell me the other stuff?
I have to go into therapy I am so Shocked LOL at your revalations that you think it was u ! Were u an altar boy?

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