When the attraction is there!!!!!!!  

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1/1/2006 11:51 pm

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When the attraction is there!!!!!!!

You talk to people on here all the time, and you get a type of sexual attraction to them, But what happens if you not only get a physical attaction but personel attraction to them, Should you even consider a personel attraction given where your meeting them at,, Yes maybe you should cause if your an honest person then you get to know them actually alittle better in chatting first, you have the perfect oppurtunity to let them know the real you, before the face to face meeting, You really can get to know someone if they are just as honest and fourth right as you, do you start to care what they think? do you start wondering what they are doing during the day when your at work?Or do you just say oh hell they are just another AdultFriendFinder person, easy come easy go... I cant bring myself to be that way and I care about all my friends but one has managed to stick in my brain and it is scary but at the sametime it feels so good, No I dont want to be just another AdultFriendFinder person to anyone but it happens. But I think if someone gives you those feelings that you were'nt looking for then you owe it to yourself to investigate further and see if its for real or memorex lol .. Well we shall see cause Im moving forward and there is no going back after that first big step has been taken...

usda78 38M

1/30/2006 1:55 am

i could not agree with you more, the only difrence i think between here and meeting some one at the supermarket is that on here you can meet "like-minded people" for one and second, you meet the ones that you might not otherwise meet, ever, if one person finds that one person to wich there could never be enogh feathers
more power to you, go for it...

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