The first days of my FriendFinder membership.  

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11/22/2005 11:03 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

The first days of my FriendFinder membership.

Well, I started my standard FREE membership to this site in the hopes of getting the opportunity to chat with some REAL women in my area. Of course FriendFinder wants me to upgrade in order to do anything on their bloody site. I've decided to utilize what resources are at my disposal on this site and still accomplish my goal of meeting women.

Here is some background on me...I'm a Marine currently serving on my 3rd tour in Iraq as an advisor to an Iraqi Infantry unit. I will be rotating back to the States in March. I've been in the Corps for just over 15 years, 14 of those years were on active duty. I joined the Reserves after completing my second tour in Iraq as a casualty replacement during the second push in Fallujah. When I get back my intent is to pick up with a Law Enforcement career that I put on hold while I completed this tour.

I got to be honest, I'm not looking to get involved in a serious relationship at all. Just looking for someone to have some type of normal interaction with from time to time. I was engaged to a woman that I had known for several years. My inability to compromise or see how certain decisions I made were making her feel cost me what I firmly believe to that happy and fullfilling relationship you only think exist in books or movies. I've known quite a few women in my time....she was definately "the one". So, I figure if I couldn't make it work with her...noooo way I could make it work with someone else. Hence my plan to remain single, enjoying the company of a woman from time to time.

I like Scuba Diving, that is why I am so psyched to be living in southwest Florida....just a couple of hours to the Keys!! I'm a big movie watcher. I'm not a "social butterfly" and really don't go out much. When I do go out, I like to go to the beach. I'm not the most exciting cat to be around, but when I do decide to do can be assured that it will be something that is enjoyable and memorable.

SO....there it is. This concludes my opening entry. (laughing) I'm actually interested in reading what other people are going to write about this. One final note...if you are a woman in the FT Myers area and don't think that what you have read here is totally out there, feel free to drop me an e-mail. Here's your opportunity to tear me up people...BLOOD IN THE WATER...have at it.

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