You with Melinda and Lisa  

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6/12/2006 3:16 am

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You with Melinda and Lisa

We are already naked and kissing as you finish undressing and you take off your last piece of clothing slowly....totally distracted by watching us. The sight of two naked attractive women in front of you....kissing and touching each other is amazingly unreal....and your heart is pounding.
Our hands are sliding over each others bodies
...holding...rubbing...touching....oh and the sounds we are making...moaning...sighing...the wet smack of lips on's making your cock throb. Naked now you reach your hands out for us....rubbing them over our creamy skin...
feeling a curve here and taut muscles everywhere.

We break off our kiss and turn to you...
Melinda sliding her hands around your soft neck and taking your lips with her soft hot lips.
Lisa is slipping her hands down your chest and then over your hips as she kneels and begins to lick your cock...rolling her wet tongue over his full hardness. Melinda takes your face in her hands and kisses you and kisses you and kisses you...
pushing her tongue in your mouth for you to suck on. Melinda's hands slide down over your chest and she strokes and rubs you everywhere.
You suck your breath in quickly as Lisa takes your whole cock in her mouth. You begin to jerk your hips forward as she lets your cock slide in and out of her mouth and your hands gently cradle her head...your fingers sliding into her hair. Melinda moves behind you now...
cupping your tight ass with her hands and rubbing and stroking your back...kissing your neck and shoulders with soft wet lips.

The blanket is spread out on the floor and you lay down on your back and Melinda slides a pillow under your head and then pushes one under your ass to bring you up to the perfect height. You are so turned-on and your cock is harder than he has ever been....his head swollen a deep red. Lisa comes around to kneel over your mouth and slowly she lowers her wet pussy and your hands come up to hold her hips. Your lips begin to slurp into her velvety push your tongue inside...she is so hot and juicy. You can tell immediately what she likes as she moans and presses her pussy down closer to your mouth....and when you find her clit and start sucking it into your mouth she really starts to moan...rolling her hips down...begging you to push your fingers inside....and when you push them in...still sucking hard...she lets out a loud yell and you can feel her clit throbbing in your mouth as she comes. Her pussy is grabbing your fingers tight inside and you can taste her juices flowing out. She is still for a moment and then begins to roll her hips again...saying yes...oh yes....more...more.

Melinda watches this with her pussy getting so juicy wet and she begins to stroke your cock in both her hands....sliding them up and over his head again and again. She gets between your outstretched legs and bends to take your cock in her sweet mouth....letting it slide down over him so completely. When she has him wet and slippery and so deliciously hard she stands and moves so her feet are on either side of your thighs. She squats slowly....holding your cock in her hand....nestling him between the wet pussy lips...and then she begins to rub him back and forth....sliding his head into the smooth silky wetness...pushing his head against her clit
...making it throb and tingle.
She needs you inside her now and she catches his head between the lips and so achingly slowly she sits on him....feeling him push up inside her....slipping him into all that creamy warmth...stretching her open...filling her with his lovely hardness. She balances herself perfectly so she can move up and down on him...taking him alll the way inside deep...and then pulling up so his slippery head slides out.
The feeling of you taking her over and over again is delicious.
Suddenly she sits all the way down on your cock and pulls her hips so he pushes all the way inside her...she can feel him everywhere and she slides her legs down so she can move with her knees and the head of your cock finds the magic spot and she pushes forward again and again until she comes...her pussy grabbing your cock and squeezing him....everything inside throbbing around him so beautifully.

She keeps your cock right there and comes again and again....making her pussy wetter and wetter....hotter....deeper.

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