1playfulgirl - Part 2  

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8/4/2005 9:00 pm

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1playfulgirl - Part 2


You put your hands on my shoulders and push me flat on my back. I lay looking up at you as you crawl on top of me, your body resting on mine and your cum covered face just inches away. We kiss passionately and I taste my husband on your lips and tongue. I take your face in my hands and lick your face cleaning up what my hubby did to you. Never have I enjoyed how he tasted more. I take a deep breath as you lift my top up to my neck, your fingers tracing the curve of my breast making my nipples hard instantly. You squeeze my breasts and tug on my nipples causing me to moan. My husband sits on the floor opposite us and watches intently as you lean down licking slowly over my nipple befor taking it between your lips and sucking. I arch my back as you devour my breasts, your hand moving down between my legs and finding my wet pussy. I close my eyes as you rub me and slowly push a finger inside. I writhe under you as you finger me more vigorously and I feel myself getting closer to having an orgasm. You hold me down with one hand and finger me roughly until my body shakes and I'm left trembling before you. My hubby has his cock in hand and is ready again at the site of you getting me to cum so hard.

You feel my husband's hands on your hips as he pulls you back toward him and turns you over onto your back. I move away and watch from the corner satisfied from your attention. He pulls your top off and cups your breasts squeezing them roughly. I see the lust in his eyes for you and you feel it as he yanks at your skirt pulling it down your legs. He smiles at you as he sees you aren't wearing any panties. He places his finger at your opening and rubs it, feeling how wet you are. You open your mouth for him when he takes it from your pussy and puts it to your lips. He looks at me and smiles when you taste yourself on his finger. Your eyes close as he replaces his finger with his big hard cock. He eases into your pussy, a little at first and then pulls back. Your mouth opens and a small moan escapes. He holds it inside you for a moment before he grabs your waist with both hands and thrusts all the way into you. You cry out as my husband starts pumping into you in a frenzy. He's not making love to you but fucking you good and hard. I smile and rub myself slowly as your whole body shakes with each thrust. He puts your legs up onto his shoulders. I watch amazed at how hot you look getting fucked by my hubby. He looks down at you as he folds you over, your feet above your head and your knees touching your shoulders with every downward thrust from my husband. His hands are on either side of your head as he dominates you.

I'm rubbing my clit and playing with my nipples as he turns you over onto your hands and knees. His eyes stare at your perfect ass and he grabs it. You look back at him over your shoulder as he spreads your cheeks touching your tight little opening. I watch in delight as he begins rubbing the head of his cock against you causing you to groan deeply. Carefully he pushes a little into your ass and holding still as you adjust to his size. Gradually he works more of himself up your ass until he start to slowly slide in and out. Faster he starts thrusting until the sounds of his body slamming into yours fills the elevator. Your groans and cries get even louder as he pushes your chest and head to the floor with his hand in your back. He fucks your ass as hard as he can, you squeal when his hand comes down on your cheek making it bright red. He slams into you and grinds as deeply as he can. I move closer and get a close look at his long cock sliding between your cheeks. It's perfect. He grunts uncontrollably at the same time your body convulses underneath from your climax. My husband thrusts a few more times before he pulls out of your ass. He startles me by grabbing my hair and pulling my mouth down to his cock forcing me to take him inside. In an instant I feel his hot cum splashing inside my mouth and I swallow it quickly, wanting all of it. It's the biggest load I've ever had and I don't miss any of it.

The three of us sit quietly for a minute before getting dressed just in time as the lights come back on and the elevator starts moving. We get off first and wave good bye hoping to see you and play with you again.

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