Powerful Man Rendered Powerless by a Juliet's beauty  

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11/15/2005 8:50 am

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Powerful Man Rendered Powerless by a Juliet's beauty

Hello, I stated my day on a phone call with a big oil executive. He is someone I have been able to successfully dominate from a business perspective. Then my attention shifts the moment I hang up the phone to Juliet a 28 year old Asian girl who is startlingly beautiful

I am generally the totally dominate man in any relationship with a woman and women chase after me from all over the world. Yet Jill keeps me at bay. I am sucked in and hypnotized by her beauty. Although I occasionally do roar like a lion when she pisses me off, I am mostly submissive to her whims

Our relationship seems to be totally on her terms when we meet, what we say, what we do, even what is permissable to talk about.

She asked her parents as she is Chinese I she could marry me and they said I was too old 46. JIll told me to give up then kept on seeing me.I think she is using me but . . .

Now I must tell you my pain, through I have treated her with real love and affection, cared about her in every concievable way, and showered her with gifts I have never made love with her.
(six months now)

I have not been able to completely conquer this woman and I must, somehow. She is one of three women this happend to me with out of at least a 100. Each made me crazy by rejecting me.

Today after a fit of insanity a week ago where she decided she needed a break she called and said she wanted to talk to me. I responded like a puppy dog, and right now am waiting for the phone to ring. How am I in such a powerless situatioin. Please advise

What should I do?

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