I Was Once a King but This Woman Has Turned Me into a Eunich  

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11/28/2005 4:52 am

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I Was Once a King but This Woman Has Turned Me into a Eunich

I invited Juliet over to my house for Thanksgiving Dinner a week before the holiday. You know what she said. "No"Just like that, a flat "No." What an Iceberg. Not even a "Gee I would love to but . . ."

She is a part time tour guide in addition to two other jobs she has, one at a College as a Tech and the other as a General Manager of a Chinese Import Export firm selling frozen fish (aprepo. She said she was taking a group on a bus tour. While some of the feeling I had for her died inside the moment when she said her icy cold "No." the obsession with her and her beauty lingered . . .

The next day she invited me to go with her to go see the Harry Potter movie which she was really into but for me was just a kids movie. Pretty good but a yawn. I tried not to fall asleep, but she caught me once, and gave me "the look." her patented look for thinly disguised disdain.

Then we went to dinner. She told me it would be my choice what restaurant we went to. I said Thai, She said, then I think I will have to eat home. God she is so difficult.Well she finally agreed to go to the Thai place in Brookline, and we ordered something and she started complaing to the staff it wasnt spicy enough. I guess this got her agitated

She had talked alot about her father, and I asked her to tell me more about this wonderful relationship so I could get to know her better.Yet rather than tell me how her father took her to the circus or something, or bought her a pony on her birthday, or kissed her good night every night she told me "he has a much better temper than you," also "he doesnt go blah blah . . blah." something she accuses me off, ie making a point more than once. (Fair point. I admire Winston Churchill, who said, "if you want to make a point, hit it once, then hit it again, then hit it again like a pile driver, with a tremendous whack!"

I said, how insulting, and bam she said I wasnt talking about you. I said you obviously were quoting her back her own words. She is very easily upset if I criticize her, so she launched into a long string of invectives about how I also say she is a bad person. Oh my god!!!! 30 minutes of this

I was forced to apologize for my bad behavior, which I did; then asked how I could make up for it. She said "Bubble Tea" at Super 88 Asian market. Ok and it was off to get some bubble tea. I got to super 88 and said ok, lets get the bubble tea. She said I dont want the Bubble tea now. Take me home. So I took her home and had to help her park her car for the night in Allston.

Then you know what she said, take me back to the Super 88 for some Bubble Tea. Oh my god, Back I went. Again the whole time I am looking at her and she is so beautiful so enchanting that I just cant refuse.

This sounds like I am a kind of submissive guy but I am really not at all. I am a king by nature, and lord of the manor. My women revolve around me, and attend to my whims, entertaining me, feeding me, or showing me their naked voluptupous backside with gaping slit and welcoming my swollen member. But as I have gotten older acting like the big king, proving my point, getting my way, winning every argument has just ceased to be so important to me.

I am happy to just say "yes dea" for the sake of peace and harmony, and for the privelege of being able to have my woman welcome my hands on her breasts, squeezing the roll on her belly, and having her open her legs to recieve my big hard throbbing cock.

In this case however, the woman Juliet, got bless her sole has turned me into a Eunich, with not even a French kiss, let alot a good hard fuck I cant much last longer in this situation, and will have to abandon ship soon, or sail to balmier waters.

I am tired of difficult women, and ready for a woman more like my dear mother Bea . . .the loving, adoring, supportive type. My father always seemed to be turned on by her and vice versa. Have a Good day

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