toronto guy to surve or command  

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8/20/2005 2:15 pm

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toronto guy to surve or command

hell and wellcome to my toronto blog

so your in the big city and you have that sexual craving but you have no intentions of leaving your partner or maybe you hate commitment and you just need that hole no matter whee it is well i'm the man

weather you want to g-stop climex without the obglation of sex or you gust want to feel what it is like to deep pound a mouth with your cock i'm the man

ever wonder what it would be like to take a man with a strap on or mabie your a man and just want to fk agrssefly well i'm your man

maybe you are throughing a party and you need the anomous person for any job that others may not want to fill i'm your man

maybe you want a mouth as a substute to cold porslyn or just dont want to make the trip to another room

i'm the man the toronto guy
no commitment is possible
descresssion is mandatory
your enjoyment is a must
my injoyment is optional

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