Bored Enough to Blog finally  

megadave1970 46M
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3/21/2006 6:19 pm
Bored Enough to Blog finally

It's amazing, I'm not exactly a chat room person. I see that more and more as time goes on. I love going to meet and greets and seeing people there, and I think it's really cool that people are beginning to remember me. But what cracks me up is that people tend to go "what's your handle again?" I really don't go online here as often as other people. I guess I'm more of wanting to meet people in person more then meeting online So, if you ever feel like chatting with me, you are more then likely going to have to meet me face to face. If you feel like chatting with me, perhaps instant message is better Oh, and maybe responding to blogs if you're into that kind of thing as well.

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