Episode 1: What am I doing here?  

mdguy2679 37M
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4/26/2006 6:02 pm

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4/27/2006 8:44 am

Episode 1: What am I doing here?

I don't know who this "Curiousity" chick is who killed some cat, but she just cost me $19.95 every month.

It's been nearly two years, just a good enough to pick up a hooded robe and become a Tibetan Monk. For those who might have been without intimacy for longer than that, you have my sympathy. If you're a woman who has been without intimacy for longer than that, then please leave your phone # at the door.

I'm actually quite nervous. I'm not the kind of guy to meet someone new in a social setting, because using smooth lines is something I just can't pull off. I'm a big ol' dork, who is more likely to quote a Simpsons episode than say something kewl to sweep a lady off their feet.

Plus, how are you to compliment someone who only has their chest or ass for pictures? I just kinda feel un-gentlemanly by saying "hey, nice boobs".

I guess I'll get more comfortable as time goes on, but I am SOOOO lost right now. :\

alwzwetbbw 37F

4/27/2006 6:34 am

Don't get discouraged I've heard many men get frustrated because they think the site is a scam (something to do with bogus profiles). I'm not the type that can pull those cheezy lines off either. I joined out of curiosity as well.

There ARE normal people on here, you just have to weed through all of the bs

Good Luck and keep quoting the Simpsons! Remember humor, confidence and humility are huge turn ons!

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