anyone real  

mdcrchulo 41M
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7/15/2006 9:11 am
anyone real

I have been on sites like these for a while and one thing seems to be constant with all of them, no one is real. I do not claim to be God's gift to women or anything of the sort but I am not ugly either. There are hundreds of profiles with women with thier legs spread open saying they are after some one to fuck them hard or eat them all night or things of that nature right? Why is it when you email them and tell them that you would like to be the one to do it for them they never reply. Like I said, I am not conceded and I do not expect to be everyone's type but the only thing I am asking for them to be nice enough to respond and let me know that they are not interested. My feelings won't be hurt and it's not like I will call them names and harrass them. Just be real and if you are not looking for sex then don't say that you are.

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