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11/17/2005 3:00 pm

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First Post!!

That was a joke for the slashdot crowd. Not that there is a slashdot crowd here.

So what amuses me today?

I spent a looong time working on new website stuff today, the layout for the spiritual bodywork group I am working with. Also a layout for my personal blog, don't know if I can post links here, or not.

I should probably get a new digi cam so I can post better pics on here. The only ones I have are some face shots from parties and the like. Then again, I may be tempted to post those cock shots... I will have to let that one go... More pics of my body should suffice.

Blogging is dangerous. People could learn that I'm one to ramble on and on about nothing.. I'll launch into a sex fantasy just to spice things up:

She stood at the open door holding her collar like a good girl and looking down at the floor. The door led to the basement which we had outfitted as our temporary dungeon. She had already been down and set the mood, lighting all of the candles in the antique ironwork candle stands we had bought.

What was I going to do this time to make it different?

I started with the blindfold, I said the key word and put the blindfold on her. Then I tied the delicate knotwork of a shibari net tie around her beautiful body. Then I simply waited. I knew she was expecting the delicious violence she so often craved for but I simply tied the knots and left her there to contemplate the sensations of her body and the air.

Later I came back down. I asked "How do you feel?" her reply was simple and to the point, "alone" she said.

With the armor ring I began tracing the edges of the ropes lightly, goosebumps appeared as I circled, I breathed warm air gently on them and then began following with my other hand. I could tell by the tell-tale wetness appearing at her g-string that this was exciting her. The anticipation had built a temple of fantasy in her mind. I continued my dual caresses of sharp and smooth, reaching for one of the candles. I dropped a drip of wax at a shoulder blade while caressing her belly. This was a suprise. She let out a quick breath, and I kissed her. I slowly dropped more wax on her breast while scraping the drying wax from her back with the armored claw of a ring. She moaned.

I slipped the pocket vibra egg between the fabric of her g-string and her clit.. and took the remote across the room picking up the delicate single-tail I made a little flick and the red mark appeared on her pale flesh and she let out another quick breath.. turning on the egg I started the pulsation setting and timed my whip strokes. Her squirming and moaning increasing with each lash. The g-string was dripping with her ecstacy. Finally her body shook and her face contorted and she let out a wailing moan and began chanting in gibberish.

The spell was cast.

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