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9/19/2005 5:42 pm

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things about me

Here are a couple of postings I strung together and wanted to appear at top for folks viewing and interested in learning a little about me -

Well 6 months into this site and have had a couple of “friends” throughout ‒ alright one has gone away ‒ BUT …back to topic ‒ we always split the cost. Occasionally one of us will say I will “grab this” or I might say “let me take you to dinner”. If I were to enjoy the company of someone with more discretionary income than me, I would expect them to offer to pay more ‒ and I have a friend with less income and I pay more…NOW ALL of my relationships are equal ‒ in every way.‒ and I do not do the late night FB type thing ‒ I like to have friends ‒ people I enjoy and yes I am intimate with some. Most encounters ‒ canoeing the Arkansas, hot tubing at MC, dancing the night away at a club ‒ or parting at the cabin outside Breckenridge ‒ we are together and enjoy each other, like a dating couple ‒ each MOMENT is wonderful…those moments are meant to enjoy each other: with no inhibitions on our bodies or hearts ‒ again for that moment..

Funny ‒ somewhere in my brain this year I turned from “dating” ‒ to friends I enjoy intimately. To me my old feelings about dating were - you are always looking for a potential long term mate…through AdultFriendFinder and a couple of wonderful people ‒ I have learned , and completely enjoy , the social time with someone of the opposite sex and getting naughty. No need to worry about joint bank accounts ‒ or who they enjoy when they are not with me (unless the story is spicy then I expect the dish!!!) ‒ all is good ‒ just fun. AND THAT MEANS EQUAL ‒ like any platonic friends and yes there is a degree of responsibility to friends…What do you think of that blog gone awry? ‒ LOL

So I came here...I was on a traditional dating site for about 4 months ‒ had sex once…before that 2 ½ years with no physical contact with a mate…. I went to a local Swing club, several times and met a couple of nice people…got off…and came home hornier than hell. Once I remembered what sex with someone else could be like…I needed something a bit more. A couple kept telling me to try AdultFriendFinder. I could get all the good stuff of steady companionship and none of the “lets share bank account worries” (I really don’t want to look or think about such things, maybe in a couple of years ‒ get this Boy off to college).

Yes I am looking for a companion, preferable more than a couple of times, and preferably someone to hang out with, if there is a party with my family members, no worries and vice versa…great sex and great companionship. But lets leave all of the ookies stuff, as best we can, at the door…not that I am afraid to open up to someone or have them open up to me…I am just trying to be realistic …

So I had a new red outfit, a picture taken, and here we go...started in March.

I have met a couple of great friends, one perfect with passion and shared interest, and one with …well…it was like finding a buddy to goof with (yes we are intimate ‒ two sexual people… but that is secondary). I have a fair amount of “dates” and you know sometimes there just isn’t a click, or a compelling reason to meet again, and certainly not get naked. Yes I have emerging friendships ‒ we will see if they turn intimate and if any feel right for both of us.

I am HERE hoping to find like minded people…healthy attitudes about sex, and maybe a desire to build trust and try some new things with a partner. And yes I want traditional “dating” fun …NOT drama.

I enjoy giving affection and receiving …kind companionship. Wwould love to hear your stories and experiences!!!

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9/20/2005 3:17 am

It sounds like you are pretty normal to me. Most of us want to have friends with whom we can share the beauty of a sunset and sometimes very intimate desires. Someone who laughs with us when the top falls off our icecream cone and who knows just how to drive us stark raving mad with their tongue. Few people are lucky enough to know themselves as well as you seem to. It took me years of sexual frustration in marriage to realize that love and sex are not the same thing and that just because I have physical needs that doesn't lessen the love. I hope to find a few special friends here and I hope that you also can find those special friends who need and give plenty of sex but also that special relationship that doesn't require sex in order to be friends. Thank you for posting your thoughts and allowing me to share mine with you.
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