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susie's profile and pic from 7/28/06

This woman is under construction...(aren't we all) I enjoy social and sexual fun with stronger personalitites...

HELLO! I'm no saint, but I try to live a decent life... filled with an indecent amount of sex…. I'm the type who's rarely the first to make a move, but once things are moving, I'm really get into it. On Sunday afternoons I like to continue the romp we started on Saturday night. Sexually, I'm pretty open to a "friends with benefits" situation, but enjoy activities with and without clothes. I am not looking for a single encounter, or exchanging 15 emails ...I enjoy meeting people. Please do not send a note, if you want to meet for playtime tonight. - LOL - I want to find a friend who's also friendly on a physical level.

Here's my deal; I like all-night, sweaty, sensual encounters with lots of kissing, petting, touching, heavy breathing and multiple orgasms for us both. I don't want a f*)$ buddy. I do not want a one time fling. I want a connection - I want to look deep into your eyes and kiss you soft on the lips as you hold yourself deep inside me, skin-on-skin. I want to go to a ballgame, movie, the museum or a dinner, drinks and just enjoy each others company. I want companionship, friends. If one person can meet my needs and me theirs, great, other wise….lets enjoy. I am not looking for love/or accountability, but won't shy away from it either. If it is good once it can only get better….listen it is easier to try some wildness with someone you trust and know.

When I'm out driving, music blaring, pink sunglasses on, I feel completely free. I'm just wondering where all the strong, confident men are, yes I enjoy stronger personalities, and men at least as tall as myself...note I do have several more pictures in clothes, but I am a size 14! Curvy, tall, broad shouldered. ...My friends call me when they're in the mood for fun, smart conversation. I have been told I am Angelic both in appearance and personality. I consider myself to be a granola professional (But have been told, Blue Collar professional - matches me better)

I'm not changing my life; I'm just trying to make it more interesting. I have commitments (not to a man, or lover), but need to get out and enjoy myself. I look forward to whatever life brings.

I would enjoy hearing about the people you are meeting and the fun you are having. If something happens and I need more I will say so ‒ you as well. If I am no longer interested in someone I say “hey thanks for meeting me” you should be able to do the same. Good fun, should be had by all!!!
My Ideal Person:
If you contact me please include a face pic. Please!

I enjoy playing with men, Tlr than 5 foot 8, please check this, before sending me a note, I mean PLEASE! I do not respond to all inquires as most do not read the profile- all sizes of men, furry or round faces are wonderful - gentle kisses and touches required - I look for the intimacy and i reward well when I have a good time. Have your attention? If we like some of the same things and you have a healthy outlook about a woman with a strong sexual appetite send me a note. I hope it is ok to say i prefer S or DWM

rm_tootzi2 56F

8/6/2006 8:46 am

Hi mcsusieg! I think we could be great friends....I would love to meet you and have lunch at the Brown Burro. I do love that place! Also like the bar SouthPark in Alma....great mexican food. I really miss green chili....can't find it here in Florida. My man and I are coming out 8/30 - 9/10. It's been 2 years since I have been out there. I am SO homesick. Can't wait to run naked in the woods! My cabin is up WindyRidge....take the road to kite lake and go about 3 miles to the r.h. turn up to windy ridge....cabin is about 2 miles up that road. Can't drive up there in the winter. We used to snowmobile...that was a blast! hope to hear back from you...bye sweetie...x

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