Righteousness is freaking annoying  

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9/7/2005 6:53 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Righteousness is freaking annoying

I believe in being responsible for your own behavior ‒ and this from a person that absolutely does NOT deal with things until the money is seized or the cops show up ‒ but I am always willing to admit fault, care how my actions and intend, have affected others ‒ I do not think that makes me weak but STRONG! Strong enough to be a warrior ‒ strong enough to answer the tough questions ‒ And do be a better person. Now I do not take this responsibility to the extreme ‒ everything in moderation …well most things. I know to watch for things that are unhealthy, people who are toxic ‒ even if at first they don’t seem that way ‒ and make conscious decisions about how to act/react in each situation.

I continue to come across people so willing to assume they are correct and righteous as to never admit fault … or be responsible for their behavior. Come on we are all stuck in these human forms ‒ and inherently flawed …. I have offered my friendship ‒ much more valuable than any part of my anatomy, I have inflicted my trust (my own naiveté ‒ never confuse good loving sex, no matter how amazing, it is just physical), I have slung my grouchiness (I don’t do well with meeting people who are not honest about themselves regarding height and pictures), and I have run and hid when I just wasn’t interested…and I am willing to be responsible for my actions. To MYSELF … and to someone else when appropriate.

I offer compliments honestly …and without confusion or contradiction. No need to ever doubt or make light. If I lash and hurt … I will be responsible for it and move forward …guilt as a means to show remorse and grow ‒ well I certainly will ... I am not afraid of it. I will not wallow in the bad, there is just too much, but I will try ‒ TRY ‒ to be better and offer more every day. I wish I could meet more people intending on being the best they can be, and fewer folks declaring they ARE….

Monday 9/5/05 journal entry -

rm_vixenflir 58M
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9/9/2005 10:53 am

There's my fellow warrior! *salutes with a tip of the head* Wondered where you wandered off to! Obviously someone crossed your path that truely pissed you off. You know better - trust the ones with honor only until they prove they have none. Also glad to hear act/react still lives within you, keep it close. Finally = you will know when your friendship is honored above all other considerations, but that doesn't mean the other considerations should not be considered !(lol)I knew I shouldn't have eaten that much sugar for lunch! S
PS - don't be such a stranger!

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