Been a while  

mchangeneedtof 40T
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11/29/2005 7:20 pm

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4/20/2006 5:52 pm

Been a while

I haven't written in a while cause I really didn't have anything interesting to say! I just want to tell you all about a guy I met. I have to admit when I saw his pic I thought he was bull shitting with his cock pic. He sure wasn't! My god it was the biggest thickest cock I'd ever seen. I'll admit I'm a cock whore and I set up a meeting with him to give him one of my mind blowing blowjobs.
I got to his house and he was so cute, I just couldn't wait to see what he had. We went over to his couch, he popped some porn in and I started rubbing his cock through his pants. It wasn't to long and it looked like his pants were going to explode, so I unzipped him and my god this huge cock came flying out. I was actually shocked and wondered how I could suck off this monster.
I started licking around the head and licking the shaft and playing around till he was totally hard. I went to take him in my mouth, and the head it self seemed to fill my mouth. So then I slowly started swallowing his cock as deep as i could go. His huge cock kept gaging me and I loved it!
I got his cock about 3/4 down my thoat and that's all the father I could go. His eyes were rolling back in his head and I could tell, by the way his cock was starting to throb he was going to cum soon. I took it down as far as I could and let him fuck my throat. He pulled put of my mouth and gave me a HUGE load all over my face and in my mouth. He used his cock to get the cum from my face into my mouth and was gently sucking him still. I swallowed all his cum and was in pure heaven!!!

8inhardwood 60M
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12/28/2005 6:07 am

think may have a cock to match his. long and thick love to share with you....

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