What do you (women) want here?  

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1/5/2006 6:47 pm

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What do you (women) want here?

OK, now I am at a loss. After my previous post I still had a decent and somewhat optomistic attitude about this site. I've sent out a few more e-mails and gotten one quick response that wasn't interested. I noted that I've tried very hard to send out original e-mails to women who had enough in their profile to indicate that there may be something there. Going through all of the search parameters and filtering out women who haven't been here in over a couple of weeks, I've almost run out of realistic matches. I still guess that there is someone but I am at a loss to find them.

Women complain that all they get is crude propositions, but when all they have is a three line profile stating how much they like sex what do they expect? Without being to egotistical from what I've seen here I write and express myself better than 90% percent of the people here (98% of the men) and that still isn't good enough. I'm not expecting a 6' tall redhead with a Havard MBA (well, that's my goal but that's beside the point).

Being a silver member I can track views of my profile and i have the blog to also track interest. My profile gets viewed a couple of times each week no matter how many e-mails I send and many of those views are people who check it because I'm currently on line or becasue of something I've said in the advice columns. As I'm in Texas (hook 'em horns) I appreciate the views from South Carolina but don't consider them to be especially relevant. The blog gets a little less action.

I decided to let my renewal go for another month, but don't see any reason to let it go on past my next renewal.

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