Paying the bills  

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1/7/2006 8:45 am

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Paying the bills

Everybody knows the 10-1 ratio talked about here and if you look at the browse pages that seems about right. I've got bad news for the guys. It's actually worse than that. These numbers are for 20 miles from Ft. Worth which for those of you in the other, lesser, states does not include Dallas.

I did a quick search today changing the genders on what I am and what I'm loking for. I left the ages at 33-44 each time. I'll admit that I did cheat some as I only looked at the list for the first 500 guys (mine came up about #380 and no, I did not look at the individual profiles for 500 guys). Of those 500 there were 280 gold members and 288 silver members. (Once I got the the end of silver I stopped.) Of those the vast majority had been logged on in the last week. That makes some sense as if your paying for something you will be more inclined to use it.

Then I went back and reset my search back to normal. There were 282 total women. 8 gold and 5 silver. The more interesting fact is that 200 of these women had not logged on on over a month. Some had not logged on in over a year but they are being kept on the rolls to make it look better.

The money is even more interesting. I used a guess at the average cost of $16/mo for silver and $20/mo for gold (there are variances based on length of membership and special offers). That comes up with Ft. Worth men paying $10,208 for this month and the women paying $240 for the same time.

If interest can be gauged by money (which is somewhat of a reach, but probably appropriate here) and activity on the site, the men aren't on the wrong side of 10-1. We're on the wrong side of more than 50-1.

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