Not Again  

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2/17/2006 8:10 pm

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Not Again

Past issues and injuries were laid to rest. It was time to move forward. The party was anticipated with excitement and optimism. The long ride and lack of sleep were forgotten as soon as introductions were made. The name was familiar, unexpected, and very welcome.

Initial conversation was hesitant and awkward. This was a woman not to be driven away with a strong and potentially crude approach. This time it had to be done right. It would be worth it. After almost too much time, shyness gave way to conversation. Conversation led to contact. Contact led to desire. Desire led to passion. Passion carried through an amazing night together.

Goodbyes the next day combined promises and anticipation. The promises of further contact were kept and anticipation grew. Geography was a challenge to be overcome. The wonders of modern technology were a Godsend. The conversations grew longer and more frequent. Sometimes they were just quick notes or hellos of longing and desire. The 1s and 0s blazed through the internet at the speed of light to recombine into words and images that, coupled with experience, inflamed physical and emotional desire.

Plans to replace the telephone and computers with personal contact were made. The plans were discussed and revised but always eagerly anticipated. It was gong to be a long month of waiting. It was too early for certain words and emotions but they were considered and implied. A touching and thoughtful gift was sent and received with a note longing for the next meeting.

Then, nothing.

And so it ends. Not with the bang of an emotional confrontation. Not with the whimper of slowly growing in different directions. It ends with only the cold loneliness of silence.

Not Again

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