Did I miss something?  

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1/22/2006 8:50 pm

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Did I miss something?

The start was innocous. Two people who had only "met" by trading e-mails. Introductions were made, beer was bought. Still nothing that anybody would notice or think about. The evening went on. The conversation moved on. More beer was bought. Touches were lightly traded. Was that touch an accident or an invitation? The question answered, light touches became constant contact. Touches became hugs. More beer was bought. Hugs became kisses. Something was definetly happening. Phone numbers were given, further contact was promised. Was it real or was it the beer? The evening wound down. Good night kisses were exchanged and more promises of further contact were made.

Contact was made. Conversation was light and enjoyable. There was no beer so it must be real. Conversation continued. Work was forgotten amid the distraction of the next message. Sleep was cut short by the conversations that filled the evenings. Plans were made to meet again. This must be real. Anticipation built. The week was too long. Both professed excitement about the coming meeting. This must be real. Then a message. Something happened. The meeting would have to be postponed. Messages went unreturned. Then something else happened. The meeting would have to be cancelled. Phones went unanswered. Then, the final message. Everything was cancelled. This can't happen. This was real. Or did I miss something?

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8/19/2006 11:07 pm

Upon retrospection, my analysis intially was this was purely behaviours that were meant to be misinterpretated. I read this post several times and pondered the process. Man shows interest in seemingly attractive woman. Woman responds. Man responds. All humanistic and natural behaviours. Yet, my response is why use ploys and tactics to entice and allude? How does one distill such behaviours into a repetoire of actions, to bring about the frution of a means.
Is this behaviour learned, implied or implicit? Unknown, at certain points, yet, non-verbals intensified ego stuffing. Is this purposeful? With an anticipated outcome, or non-purposeful, with questionable consequences. I searched my anthropology references, searching for what I wanted to reference as "apish behavior". Upon, further investigation, I found that among non-human primates, nonesuch behaviour is purely discreationary. Bartlett states: All of the well-studied species of gibbon-those that have been studied in the wild for a year or more-have been shown to form long-term monogamous bonds"(Barlett, the Gibbons, The Non-human Primates, p.50)
Henceforth, my original hypothesis was incorrect that this can be associated with apish behaviour. Rather, support is for quite the opposite conclusion. It appears that the primates do not participate in hurtful actions toward others of their speicies. Then, why do humans initiate such contact? How is it that the brain can be wired in such a manner, in some, and not in others? Is human behaviour lower than primates. This remains the continual quest for answers involving human socialization. My hunch is that the quest is eternal.
I certainly desire that this gentleman, find peace in these circumstances.

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