like silk  

mayifeelsaidhe 64M
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11/6/2005 5:00 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

like silk

is my touch like silk,
smooth as silk?

is my touch like silk,
cool as silk?

like a silk handkerchief
that wipes away a tear,
that gently kisses your nose,
your lips?

like a silk scarf
that caresses your neck --
its back, its front --
and the sumptuous valley of your bosom?

like a silk robe,
rich, with splendid colours
that exalt your sensuous curves --
shoulder, breasts, hips --
hugging them,
hiding and revealing them
at the same time,
teasing, as with the silhouette
of your firm, erect nipples?

like a silk stocking
that glides over your toes,
your slender ankle,
the contour of your calf,
the soft underside of your knee,
and your inviting thigh?

yes, my touch
is gentle, firm
and smooth as silk.

my touch
that reaches past your thigh
up, up, up and in,
into to your smooth, dark place.

but my touch is not cool;
it is fire.

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