candle flame  

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9/25/2005 12:33 pm

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candle flame

as we lie naked
outstretched embracing
the candle beside us
stands erect
softly illuminating the scene
the currents from each sigh
nudging the flickering flame
and its lone finger
responds with a caress
some unseen flesh
feeling its warming touch
again a sigh
the flame now a body
arching writhing
wrapping itself around another
first reaching up then
its head descends
near the warm wet pool
that fuels its heat
a deeper sigh
now a tongue
the flame extends
into the dark space
slowly it licks
lavishing heat
lightly it laps
patterning lacework
a labour of love
round and round it goes
round its focal point
until a gasp
a final sigh
explodes from far within
the flame bends
and breaks
darkness envelopes
its task complete
the candle sleeps

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