ENTROPY: is it all worth it?  

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9/23/2005 9:53 pm

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ENTROPY: is it all worth it?

So far, you have not seen the whole, real, true me in these pages. I often have a difficult time opening up, even in "anonymous" situations. However, that is about to change.

Over the last year, I, and my family, have faced event after event that most psychologists would call "stressors". Without going into too much boring detail, these have included both of us losing our jobs, a major surgery with two weeks in the hospital, and now a major move to pursue another job.

Those psychologists would tell you that I am now very susceptible to depression. NO POOP! But that is for another post...

I want to write a little about the second law of thermodynamics. No this will not be a college lecture, but it is important to understand at some level what I am speaking about.

The second law basically states that energy will disperse over a given amount of time from an organized mass to disorganized and basically useless mess. This disorganization is also known as ENTROPY. EVERYTHING PROCEEDS TO DISORDER.

Whether we know it or not, we all experience a kind of entropy every day. Some is hardly noticeable, as in our bodies slowly failing us as we age. We all will eventually die. Others are more noticeable, like how our eight year old second-hand car finally bites the dust. Everything rots. Everything dies. Despite our best efforts and all the money we spend on trying to hold it all together, the doctors, the mechanics, the politicians, it all falls apart.

The question now arises, what the hell is the point? Many of you are looking for a relationship. Even if you find one, nurture it, love your partner, do all the right things, EVEN IF YOU ARE TOGETHER TILL THE DAY YOU DIE, it still falls apart. Why do we spend our entire lives building wealth, gaining friends, raising children, only to lose it all in one fleeting second when our heart stops beating?

Sorry to be such a downer, but I often feel this way. I see much of my own life falling apart around me, and can't help but wonder how others keep going.

I hope this starts a healthy discussion.

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