A litttle erotic fiction, part 3  

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9/11/2005 5:56 pm

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A litttle erotic fiction, part 3

Yes, this is the third installment of the story. I want to thank the nearly 1000 people who have visited in the last 24 hours, along with those who encouraged me to continue this tale.

We're not done yet. Stick with me. Please continue your comments.

There she was, right in front of me, in all her fair-skinned glory. She was so close I could smell her perfume; a light floral scent that pushed my starving libido into overdrive. From my perspective, I could see a tiny bead of sweat, slowly rolling down into her lovely cleavage. I so wanted to be that little drop of moisture, to go on the epic journey that was her body, from her breasts to her pussy and back again.

So caught up in my revelry was I, that not only could I not return her greeting, I also helplessly watched as my soda flipped off my tray, hit the floor, and promptly exploded all over her stylish pumps, housing the feet I would gladly lick for hours.


"Oh damn, I'm so sorry", I blurted out.

She began to giggle uncontrollably. Her laugh was so endearing that I did not even think to be upset with her. Normally, someone laughing in my general direction was a reason to get pissed off. Not this time.

"No, I'm sorry for laughing. I can't help it though. That drink was so cold it almost tickled."

I ran over to the condiment table, grabbed some napkins, and ran back over to her.

By now, we had gathered quite the following of eyes. It never ceased to amaze me how some people simply could not mind their own business. But all this was secondary in my mind. At this point, all I wanted to do was salvage some sense of dignity. It would also be a good thing if I ceased embarrasssing myself in front of my fanasy girl.

So what do you think I did; damn right, the most undignified, embarrassing thing I could do. (I am so fucking predictable.) I dropped to my knees and proceeded to wipe off her shoes and the floor! I must have looked like a court jester kneeeling in front of that gorgeous queen. I'm sure that the onlookers in the food court were all laughing under their breath.

However, I found myself really not caring about how the unwashed throngs felt, beacuase as I cleaned up my mess, I just so happened to notice the denim mini-skirt she had on, and the view that THIS perspective was giving. And what did the first up-skirt view of my life reveal. A sheer pair of lace panties, light blue in color, not even doing a passing job at hiding her bright red pubic hair.

I think she realized at that point that her privacy had been compromised, but she didn't even attempt to move. She simply stood there, letting me admire the view.

When I finally tore my eyes from her crotch and finished cleaning up my spill, (I'm sad to say there was another spill I would have to clean in private), I glanced up into her eyes, the fantstic blue of a Summer sky, and damn if she didn't wink at me.

I stumbled to my feet, my head spinning from this incredible new development. I silently prayed to God and all that is holy that she was NOT just flirting with me; or if she was just flirting, she would not stop.

"I'm so sorry I spilled that on you. You just surprised me."

"I know", she said. "Maybe next time I'll get to clean up the spill." She smiled a wide, knowing smile, (God her teeth were so white), and walked over the the restroom.

I quickly glanced down at my crotch, hoping there was not a growing wet spot spreading across my new pants. Luckily, the spill seemed to be contained, but nothing could contain the excitement now coursing though my veins. Contact had been made. Hope, along with a few other things, springs eternal...

lookinforfun6032 39M
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9/11/2005 8:42 pm

Good god what a veiw that must have been.....more please

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9/13/2005 10:03 pm

Would love to play with her... Get in touch.

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