A little erotic fiction, part 2  

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9/7/2005 7:20 pm

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A little erotic fiction, part 2

Reader: make sure you read these segments in order and please, please, please, comment on them. I'd like to know if you are enjoying them.

The second installment of our little story:

As the cool spring turned to a hot summer, thoughts began to turn to summer jobs. Our junior year was over, and I was still a geeky, shy, virgin. I felt like the loneliest guy on the planet. Not for a lack of trying, I had struck out twice the previous year, with two girls I was certain would "deliver". In fact, in both cases, I had been extremely surprised they had even gone out with me.

One was a busty brunette with green eyes and long legs. I knew, for a fact, (because I had heard), that this little flirt would put her mouth where my money was. I took her to the movies, where we chose seats in the back of the theater. As the movie began, my dick was already getting hard, imagining the fun that I thought was about to come.

As the movie continued, I placed our shared soft drink between my legs, resting on the seat below. The trap was set. I just knew that she would reach for the drink, brush against my hard pecker, and immediately know her "duty".

Eventually, she did reach for the drink, but did not even touch my cock. As she put the drink back between my legs, I could take no more. I grabbed her hand and placed it squarely on my crotch. Then things got ugly. Strike one, two, and three. Another night with the "hand man".

The other young "lady" was a sure bet for the bed. My hapless best friend had lost his virginity only two weeks into our junior year. The petite little blond he fucked was apparently a nympho, not giving a damn who she screwed, when, or where it was. The lucky bastard was a bigger nerd than me, so surely she would jump on my dick with no problems.

We decided to go to a friends spring break party, (rich parents in Canne), where we could get a little alcohol, and maybe a little more.

To make a long story short, she got drunk and was promptly passed around from football player, to basketball player, to baseball player, etc. Of course, not being an "athlete", left me out of the picture. Another night of five-finger shuffle. I don't even know how she got home that night. Maybe she rode cocks all the way home.

In any case, my sex-drive was through the roof, and I knew I would explode if I couldn't get laid soon. Yet even with these two lame attempts at sexual fun, I still fantasized about the red-headed babe. I could not forget her shape, her smell, her...Yet I had resigned myself to a life of pure fantasy where she was concerned.

I took a summer job in a mall store, selling video games and all their various trappings. I had little use for these mindless little wastes of money, but the job paid well, and I needed a car.

My second day, I found myself in line at the food court, ordering a chicken sandwich and a soda. As I turned away from the counter with my food in hand, I nearly ran directly into...her. She was wearing the nametag of the snazzy women's clothes store only three shops away from mine.

"Hi there, fancy seeing you here", she said...

irishghostman 48M
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9/11/2005 2:35 am

nice story, well written, i'm curious to see how it turns out. continue please

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