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8/5/2005 12:18 am

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I've had a lot of crappy jobs over the course of my life.

One of the worst ones was at Target. You see I had to stock the shelves and make sure everything looked just right. This seems easy in theory, but people place items in the wrong aisle and little kids run by and knock stuff over. The toothpaste aisle is especially bad. I, drawing the short straw, got the toothpaste section of the store. To make things worse, the managers would walk by and inspect the aisles making sure everything was PERFECT.

Here is my impression of one of them making an inspection of the toothpaste:

Manager : Let's see if this aisle looks better than the last one. I want to make sure everything is organized and looks straight. (he pulls out a ruler and masonic tools) Oh, look here. This one toothpaste box is one hundredth of a centimeter off with the rest of the boxes. Tear down the entire shelf and start over again.

Ah, the plight of the working class...

Anyways, I thought that I would take this time to rant about certain things that I don't like. Certain people in particular. I made a list of people that are dumb. So here's my rant:


People that drive five miles below the speed limit in the fast lane when no one's ahead of them

People that go to the express check out lane in the grocery store that have way too many items

People in Hollywood that keep on making these stupid reality shows

People that watch the stupid reality shows that get them ratings

Wayne Newton


That stupid Hollywood Squares game show

That dumb announcer guy on the Whataburger commercials...they're trying to be all appealing to hicks

Those people that make the credit card commercials that make cash back seem like a good thing

People that try to sell you things over the phone

People that complain about profanity and violence on TV and think it's justified to sue somebody hundreds of thousands of dollars

Michael Bolton

Okay that's the list

EDITOR'S NOTE: Just because somebody does not appear on the list does not mean that they are not dumb, they very well may be. In order to release this list in a timely manner, however, it is necessary to omit a few names.

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