Skin on Skin!  

mat1492 62M  
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5/22/2006 4:39 pm
Skin on Skin!

You hand reaches along the edge of underwear teasing my cock. I can feel your hot skin slowly running along the edge of my cock. Back and forth you are rubbing it, teasing it. Feeling the heat of my cock. You slowly reach under my underwear and my stomach your hand in between my cock and my stomach. You know that you are teasing me. My cock twitches with the touch of the back of your hand.

I pinch your nipple between my finger tips. I cup your breast with my hand. The palm feeling the hardness of your nipple. I slowly start moving my mouth down along the outside of your ear. My breath heavily into your ear. I start softly moaning through lips sucking your earlobe.

You slowly turn your hand over engulfing my cock on your palm for the first time. I feel each finger along the outline of my cock. The index finger slowly starts to play with the underside of the head. My moaning intensifies as the feeling of your hand overwhelms me. Your hand starts moving along the fide lightly brushing my balls and then engulfing the head. As quick as you touch my head you are gone. Inching down my cock to my balls. Slowly you start to play with them fondling one than the other. Rolling them between your fingers.

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