Only a finger  

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5/30/2006 6:35 pm

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Only a finger

Your head moves, our lips part. Your head moves slowly down my chin dragging your tongue across my skin. Licking, nibbling as you slowly move down my throat. You slowly kiss your way across my shoulder, ever moving so slowing towards my chest. Your tongue dances across my nipple. The feeling is intense. I thrust my chest out. Your lips again brush up against my nipple. My cock throbbing. Does she know how sensitive my nipples are. Can she tell. Lips nibbling and lingering on my nipple. My back arches thrusting my cock into her hand. She moans matching my moans. Her tongue playing with my bud. Teasing it. Suckling. My moans become more vocal. 'Shit' I exclaim. You release my nipple asking if I am alright. Yes I exclaim I am just very sensitive. Oh you say as you lick my nipple harder this time. Your lips tugging on it urging it towards your mouth.

My finger slowly plays with your opening. Toying with they outer edge I slowly slip a finger tip into you. Gently and lightly. A moan escapes from your lips. I withdraw. You arch, you moan, your body asking me to return . I slowly move it into you again slightly rather this time. I can feel the tightness of your pussy. Beckoning, welcoming me into the cave of love. You arch your back trying to force me in further. My finger withdraws in response. You relax. I move my finger a little deeper. You understand, this has to be done slowly. I withdraw and thrust my finger. Slowly at first than a little faster. The palm of my hand resting on your clitoral mound. In farther. You arch your back urging me in. This time I let you engulf my finger. You open your mouth my nipple falling from its warm embrace. You gasp. I feel your muscles contract around my finger. Warm moist inviting. However you don't realize that it is not all the way in. I still have part of the finger to put in!

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