My first taste  

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5/29/2006 10:11 am

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My first taste

I quickly remove my hand from your panties. You moan. I reach up to your breast rubbing your moistness over your nipples. They enlarge under my touch and the moistness of my finger. I bend down with mouth and starting licking your nipples. Tasting your muskiness. Luxuriating in the sweetness of your nectar.

Your hands pulling at my cock. Even harder now. You move again towards me your mound touching my leg. Moving up and down along the reach of my thigh. I feel your wetness on my leg. Your hand exploring ever lower now under my balls. Touching the ridge of skin under my balls. Exploring the region more furtively now. You reach down further and cup my ass in your hands. Forcing me harder against you. Moaning louder and more frequently now. Your hands kneed my ass. Fondling its length. Moving in towards my leg, skirting the valley between my cheeks.

My finger is dry. Your moistness has dissipated. I move my hand down along your stomach. You react. You know where I am going. You quickly move away from my leg allowing me access to you. My hand moves to your panties. Lifting them slightly. Your hand releases my cock. Moving over to your panties you start tugging on them. I help you. They slowly slide down your pubic mons a whiff of musk fills the air. I can see drops of moisture on your pubic hair. Your panties slip further till they are off. I can see you now for the first time. Your mound and the hair covering it is in full view. You part your legs further allowing me to cup you. Holding you in the palm of my hand. I gently slip a finger between your lips. You moan. My finger rubbing your lips gently working its way down to your essence. I feel your vagina the moist hole inviting, urging me in. I gently place the tip of my finger against the opening. Your legs part again. My finger caressing the outer edge of your vagina.

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