In which you touch me!  

mat1492 62M  
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5/17/2006 4:36 pm
In which you touch me!

Your hands were running across my chest. Slowly flittering across my nipples. I moaned. You moaned in response. Your hand moved to my nipple again lingering on its hardness. I moaned and managed to croak that they were very sensitive. You moaned in response and started to rub them with more ferocity. Did you realize how sensitive they were! Your leg is moving again. Up against my cock. Can you feel how hard you have made me?

Your hand starts to play with my stomach. Flittering across it. Then up to my chest again. Playing with my nipples. First one then the other. Than back down on my stomach. Only inches from my cock. Then back to my chest. Your hand wanders down to my stomach. Slowly moving farther down until it has reached my underwear. You slowly run your hand along the edge from one side of my underwear to the other. Your hand runs back to my chest.

You then slowly move you hand down my chest and play with my stomach. Your leg slowly moves off of my cock. Wait were are you going. It felt so good to feel your body on my cock. Your hand starts to flitter with the waistband of my pants. Then ever so slowly you start to move your hand towards my cock. Are you going to touch it! Yes, you slowly reach out and touch me. A little tentative at first. But slowly you wrap your hands around it through my underwear. Just holding it you moan sightly. My tongue is exploring your ear. First inside than in the folds. Faster and harder my tongue works. You slowly start to move your hard up and down my cock. Jacking me off from the base to the tip.

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