In which we spar  

mat1492 62M  
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5/13/2006 11:18 am
In which we spar

I had to taste you. I withdrew my tongue from your mouth but your tongue chased after me imploring me to return not understanding what was happening. But I had other things in mind. I started to kiss your lips exploring their redness and slowing started moving out away from them. First kissing the soft indentation just below your nose than your chin. Kissing and licking it until you knew what I wanted. You slowly raised your head baring your throat to me. I started kissing and licking it covering each inch with kisses. First close to your chin and then daring farther away. First down to the base of your throat and then over to the edge of your collarbone. I wanted to savor each inch of you.

With another groan I felt you move your leg higher onto my thigh. You were only inches from my cock now. I wondered if you knew how close you were to me and what effect you were having on my cock. I felt a drip of ejaculate being emitted from my cock. I felt a slight movement of your body. Ever so slowly you were rubbing your mound against me. At first it was ever so slight that it could be mistaken for something else. But no it was intentional, I felt it again. You were trying to masturbate with me.

Having reached your collarbone I had no where else to go but up. Slowing licking and nibbling the side of you neck I reached the tip of your ear. You moved your head to give me better access. I kissed your lower lobe. Nuzzling it in my lips. Probing its inner folds with my tongue.

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