In which we kiss  

mat1492 62M  
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5/7/2006 2:57 pm
In which we kiss

I can sense the presence of your body next to mine more than feel it. You lay on your side with your hand under your head. Laying on my back I ask you what you are looking at. You, you reply. Although awkward at first we start talking about the world and little things. Suddenly without warning you reach out and kiss me. What was that for I ask. Nothing I just felt like it you respond. I said it is always nice to get a kiss for nothing. You lean over and kiss me again saying like this. Before I can respond I feel your lips on mine again. This kiss was different than the first. Slightly harder and a little longer than before. It is not the kiss of hello but one with more passion in it. You pull back from my mouth but only slightly. I can feel your breathe on my lips and sense the closeness of you more than feel the feel. Before I can say anything I feel your lips pressing down on mine again. Harder this time with more intensity. Suddenly your lips part ever so slightly I can sense more than feel you tongue on the edge of your mouth. Than it slowly moves out to touch my lips and then as quickly retreats. I relax my lips ever so slightly and you feel the change in my mouth. Your lips part again and your tongue gingerly reaches out to my lips every so slightly brushing up against them. First lightly than with a little more fervor you explore my lips. First the upper running your tongue from one edge to the over, than the lower repeating the movement. Than back to the center. I responded by slowing parting my lips feeling your tongue probe slightly in the center on my lips. with each slight widening of my lips I feel your tongue moving farther and farther into my mouth. With a sudden movement like a dam bursting it breaks free of the confinement of my lips and is inside my mouth.. Then just as quickly you withdraw it into your mouth.

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