In which I feel your breasts  

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5/21/2006 10:45 am

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In which I feel your breasts

I reach up and start to fondle your breasts through your pj's. I can feel your nipples so hard and perkie. As I play with them the intensity of your touch on my cock increases. You reach down to my balls and start to play with them through my underwear. You moan. The loudest yet. Your hand is all over me first playing with my cock than my balls. My fondling of your breasts intensifies. I reach up under your top wanting to feel your hot breasts in my hands. The heat of your skin as I slowly move my hand up your stomach is scorching. I reach the base of your breasts and stop to linger at the apex of you mounds. You moan and I feel your pubic mound pressing into my side. Wet, warm and inviting. Your hand on my cock, rubbing it up and down, lifting it along with the material, wrapping your hand around it. Feeling its hardness with the hardness of your palm!

I move my hand over the mound of your breast. Cupping it under your nipples. Feeling there firmness in my hands. I reach up with a finger and slowly stoke your nipple. A small rubber mound that is pliable in my hand. Hard and soft at the same time! I rub it between my fingers. Your moaning intensifies.

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