In which I am aroused  

mat1492 62M  
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5/8/2006 7:24 pm
In which I am aroused

My cock that was starting to stir when you entered my bed was very hard. Straining against my underwear I hoped that it was not to obvious in the narrow confines of my bed. One of my many peculiar reactions of my body was that I was always quick to be aroused. What was started in my youth had not changed much even in middle age.

With the distraction of your tongue gone I notice that your body has shifted. Closer to me now I can feel parts of you touching me. Your knees are pushing slightly up against my thigh and your arm is lying against my side. You are so close I can feel your body heat against my side. Then suddenly your tongue is lashing out against my lips. I open my lips and let your tongue into my mouth. Not a soft probe as before but a hard thrust into my mouth. Our tongue intertwine touching and darting hear and there. A lovers sword match of tongues. Again I feel your body shift as more of your body presses up against mine. Your knees have been replaced by your thigh and your arm by your breast. I could feel it poking through your jammies into my side.

My cock, already hard, had intensified even further. As most men can tell you arousal takes many levels and the hardness of his cock is a sure weather vane of that arousal. Mine felt like it was going to burst through my underwear and the sheets. How could you not see what effect you were having on me! It had to be so obvious. I could turn away from you in an attempt to hide it but that would be rather rude of me. Turning towards you was out of the question it would poke you in the stomach. I decided to just lie on my back and hope it was not to obvious.

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