Fantasy or Reality! pt1  

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5/5/2006 7:47 pm

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Fantasy or Reality! pt1

I was in that dreamy state halfway between awake and sleep when I heard a soft knock on the door. I heard your voice in barely a whisper ask 'are you awake?' I was in your guest bedroom. Since it was late when we got back from dinner we decided that I should spend the night there and make the trek home the next day. 'No' is something wrong I asked. No you replied. I was just lonely and wanted to know if you wanted to talk. Sure I said I will get up. You said very flatly no that is alright stay in bed we can talk in here.

You move over to the bed and sit down next to me shivering slightly. Are you cold I ask. Yes, a little chilly. I noticed you are only wearing your jammie tops and goose bumps are on your arms. Do you want a blanket, I ask. No do you mind if I get under the covers with you. As long as you promise to behave I said chuckling.. No you say you are the one who has to behave. I lift the edge of the covers up and move over to let you in. You slid in and quickly close the covers. Boy it is warm in here you say. Yes all cozy I reply.

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