A vist to the valley  

mat1492 62M  
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5/25/2006 3:08 pm
A vist to the valley

My mouth slowly starts to move down to the base of your neck. Softly sucking in the hollow of delight which signals the end of your neck and the beginning of your shoulder. My hand fondling your breasts enjoying the hardness of your nipple. I slowly start to move my head first licking your arm than you upper chest. My hand is in the way. I move it from your breast cupping it one last time as I give up its supply roundness. My lips feeling the heat of there skin as I slowly start licking your breasts.

The underwear is to confining. You hand moves out and starts to push it down and away from my from my cock. It springs free jutting up into the air in its hardness. Your hand moving back ever hesitant to give up touching it for long.

I move closer to your nipples, just skirting them. Savoring the taste of your breasts as long as possible. My lips lightly brush across your nipple. So light it is more a rush of air than touch. Moving over to the other neglected breast I hesitate in the valley between them tasting your earthy saltiness. No hesitation this time. My lips engulf your nipple. You gasp. Your hand tightens around my cock. I lightly suck it into my mouth my lips playing with it. I reach out with my tongue and gently prod it. Exploring the bud of pleasure that is your nipple. First one side than the top until the exploration is done.

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